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Dolphin Integration's EDA Solutions currently star a hierarchical schematic editor - SLED -, with its mixed-signal simulator - SMASH - along with its extension for power consumption analysis - SCROOGE.

The bundling of the schematic editor SLED and its mixed-signal simulator SMASH into SLASH provides the perfect front-end solution for designing logic and mixed-signal Silicon IP, as well as integrating Systems-on-Chips. As a point product, SLASH brings added value to standard design flows and empowers EDA flows. It delivers innovative features which enable efficient detection of logic and mixed-signal flaws, easing debug while tuning the speed versus accuracy trade-offs.

Model library EMBLEM, Case-study Technical Packages and free tutorials are available with these EDA Solutions to ease the acquaintance with multi-level modeling, so necessary for present days' design and debug.

Founded in 1985, Dolphin Integration is also the provider of low-power Silicon IPs (libraries of standard cells and memories, audio and measurement converters, power regulators...) thanks to SLASH. Such block-busting EDA Solutions deliver the needed flexibility in terms of multi-domain and multi-level modeling, up to the simulation of Virtual Application Boards (VAB) overcoming the boundaries of IC and PCB, to optimize complete subsystem performances.

EMBLEM Libraries SoC GDS
Layout viewer and processor
Power consumption estimator
Schematic Editor
Mixed-signal simulator
GDS Reticle
Layout placement optimizer
Simulation iterator
HW/SW Cosimulation
Third-party simulators, layout editors (Hspice, Hercules…)…