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8/16/32 bit optimized offering

Dolphin Integration offers a wide range of microcontroller cores, starting with the 8-bit industry standard 8051, extended with 16-bit 80251 compatible, and going up to 32-bit.

All our offering was build in order to insure a smooth evolution from CISC solutions to new generation of RISC microcontrollers 16 and 32-bit.

Various peripherals such as I/O ports, timers, co-processors, memory interface... are also available to fit specific application requirements.

Together with its microcontrollers cores, Dolphin Integration provides the most efficient application software development solution SmartVision™. SmartVision™ embeds advanced application software debug capabilities thanks to the modeling and simulation of the complete sub-system including processors, memories and peripherals. SmartVision™ also includes BIRD™ for on-chip debug.

The microcontroller offering from Dolphin Integration enables SoC designers to drastically reduce their Time-To-Market with the most optimized solution for their application requirements.

Image of Rock team offering

Overview of Microcontroller cores offering

Product name
Wind Cyclone Typhoon Hurricane Zephyr
Instruction Set
Full binary code compatibility with 80C51/80C52 legacy Compatibility with 8051 microcontroller cores Denser code, lower power consumption and increased processing power
Enriched C51 instruction set for better support by the C compiler
Proprietary ISA, intuitive migration from 8051, optimized for code density and processing power
Reduced number of clock cycles per instruction 8-bit interface for 8051 compatibility 16-bit interface for execution of most instructions in a single cycle
Privileged execution modes
Optimized for power consumption savings
Typical application requirements
Low activity with ultra low leakage High volume with mid-range performance and low power
Linear Addressing Space
128 Kbytes
(up to 1 MByte with code banking)
16 Mbytes 4 Gbytes
Cache controller, Timers, PCA, I2C, SPI, UART, I/O Ports, Interrupt controller...
Optional DSP instruction set extension - Co-processor interface
µvision4™ SmartVision™ and µvision4™ SmartVision™
SUCCESS for HW/SW co-simulation
BIRD™ for on-chip debug with 4-wire JTAG or 2-wire TWIG interfaces